What Words May Come

by Amado

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Imagine sitting in an empty church sanctuary over your lunch break with nothing but a loop recorder and your voice. You've got one hour to create a piece of music that captures the essence of how you're feeling in that moment and that allows you to cultivate your skill as a musician. You will perform the piece, record it, and mix it within the space of a single hour.

This is the task I have set myself for the past year and a half—my Daily Song Project. For an added twist, in May of 2016 I gave myself the challenge of using a haiku or quotation in each musical piece. As a haiku expresses images and ideas in an economy of words, these pieces use an economy of effort as part of the artistic process: no auto-tune was used in these recordings, nor any timing corrections. Following a Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic, any so-called "imperfections" are embraced as an integral part of a piece's beauty.

Here are seventeen real moments from the month of May, each the essence of how I felt in relation to a short passage of words. Enjoy.


released May 31, 2016




Amado Roanoke, Virginia

I'm a vocalist, composer, and improviser on a mission to use music to bring you joy, hope, and mirth, as well as some relief from sorrow and despair. Pay it forward.

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Track Name: Hush Descends
Hush descends,
darkness envelops all:
dreamers soar.
Track Name: Say Summer
safe beneath the picnic table
the lightning in me
Track Name: Dark Side Also
How can I be substantial if I fail to cast a Shadow?
I must have a dark side also, if I’m to be whole.
Track Name: Vernal Resolve
Spring planting:
her refusal
to compromise.
Track Name: Mid-Point Of The Bridge
Mid-point of the bridge—
I hover above
the river’s current.
Track Name: Your Voice Somewhere
Top of the falls—
your voice somewhere
in its sound.
Track Name: Perhaps Never There
Luck is eluding.
Always slipping through my grasp.
Perhaps never there.
Track Name: The Universe Reflected
In his eyes
sunlight glistens—
the Universe reflected.
Track Name: just as i am will have to do
In the end,
just as I am
will have to do.
Track Name: Claims The Sky
Approaching dark—
a single raven
claims the sky.
Track Name: Alien And Dangerous
North of the mountains,
alien and dangerous
—darkening clouds.
Track Name: Even The Stars Are Whispering
Summer night—
even the stars
are whispering to each other.
Track Name: Shifting Sands Of Time
Tide washes away
all vain attempts to impress
shifting sands of time.
Track Name: Gone From The Wood
Gone from the wood,
the bird I knew
by song alone.
Track Name: Spring Rain, Lucky Duck
Spring rain—
the unconsumed ducks
are quacking.

Lame duck, tame duck, aint that a shame duck.
Tiny bit of fame duck, framed up with no luck.
Snuck up into a red truck,
killed, plucked, cooked up into a tasty sup.

Unless the lucky duck snuck clean up out
of the mean cook's look.
That's all it took to book this lucky duck
on a flight right the fffk out of this same lame fate.
Track Name: Reflected In The Meadow
Countless stars above,
reflected in the meadow—
fireflies flicker.
Track Name: It Is What It Is
Full moon.
My ramshackle shotgun shack.
It is what it is.